Perfect Havoc Co-Founder Adam Griffin Leads A&R Panel at ADE 2022

Adam Griffin sits alongside Gabi Kochlani, (A&R VP, Speakereasy Music), Bob Van Wees, (Co-Founder, Big Top), Bart Cools, (Executive VP Global A&R and Marketing Dance Music, Warner Music Group), Maria Borg, (Digital Partners and Export Manager, discowax) to ask the question; What Can Indie's Learn From Majors and Vice Versa?

Indies and majors are the essential elements of the music business. Both have their own modus operandi concerning every aspect of sourcing, signing, nurturing and marketing artists, and both hope to achieve exactly the same thing. We're led to believe that they do things differently, but given that they use the same raw materials and have the same aim, how different are they really? And how does small, agile and passionate really stack up against large, cash-rich and awash in post-grads? The truth is that they can both claim to be better at some things than others, and so, in the clear light of day, what can they learn from each other?


Date: 20/10/22

Time: 12:45 - 13:30

Location: Felix Meritis (Teekenzaal), Keizergracht 324, Amsterdam