Arts - No Escaping Love (feat. Timpo)

Perfect Havoc welcome Swedish trio Arts with their brand-new single No Escaping Love featuring UK vocalist Timpo, the group create a quirky upbeat and vibrant house production mixed with Timpo’s deep vocal and catchy songwriting.  

Arts is a group of three producers and DJs - Lukas Agerblom, Tim Hudd and Emanuel Sandström. They grew up together in Gothenburg, Sweden, where they still live. With their motto "Not Just Music - This Is Art(s)", they are constantly looking for new ways to put a unique touch on both the music they produce and the music they play while performing. They do this by finding inspiration in different genres from all times, as well as ignoring what is considered "right" and pushing the boundaries. Since the group was founded in 2019, they have been getting promising feedback from a broad range of listeners.  

They have also been performing in some of Sweden's most embraced hot spots. Producing and performing is something they tend to keep on doing - their vision is to offer people around the world "something that’s not ordinary".  

This group hunts the musical essentials of the past to energize the sound of tomorrow. They create art;

"Not just music - this is Art(s)"