Co-De (Feat. Yasmin Jane) - Open Your Eyes (Mange Le Funk Remix)


Jumping on the Co-De bandwagon is dance Producer Mange Le Funk who delivers a fresh remix of Co-De’s debut single ‘Open Your Eyes’ featuring Yasmin Jane. Available on all platforms!

Torn apart by life, brought together by music, CO-DE; which stands for co-defendants, are a new collective of talent consisting of Paul Emanuel, Jamesie Shiers and Gavin McCall, who all have a history of success in the music industry who combine to produce sounds and a vision as inspiring as their life stories.

CO-DE brings together a bohemian group of lovable rogues looking to make their mark again in life despite personal adversity. Combining their emotional energies to create a collection of music as eclectic and as addictive as their personalities, all driven by the personal tragedy, disability, time spent at HMP, prejudice, near death experiences and sinking to life's darkest places comes a group placing their energy into music.

Influenced by disco grooves and carnival vibes, their uplifting sound and distinctive bass-lines are set to fire up airwaves, light up dance floors and festivals across the world, with live performances, encompassing DJ sets, guest musicians and vocalists, to build their collective brand. CO-DE are original, accessible, ground-breaking and diverse, they share a unique passion for music and are driven to turning life destroying negatives into a life changing positives, as they deliver their music to the world with a strong passion.