Delvin Hindle - Play Pretend


Delvin Hindle is a young and upcoming artist from Sri Lanka who is set to make waves in the international music arena. He is a Singer-Songwriter that entered the Sri Lankan English Music Scene in 2014 at the age of 16 with his independently released hit single "Wish You Were Here".The single rose to popularity after receiving airplay on one of the biggest Sri Lankan English Music Radio Stations. The song went on to dominate local English radio charts being the highest new entry in the first week and taking on the top spot at #1 for 4 weeks getting himself a nomination for the Listener Pick Award at Sri Lanka's biggest radio awards show for local English Music.Not long after, Delvin Hindle released his second single "Forget It All" the same year on YouTube showcasing his love for Electronic Music.In 2018, Delvin Hindle released his third single "Ride it"; a fun new-age Pop record which was released alongside a video. Delvin sees his music as a platform for positivity, as seen with the Ride It video, where he conveys the importance of being yourself, through a fun, light hearted execution. The video sees him taking on different personas to impress a girl, only to communicate that nothing is more important than being true to your identity. The video was supported heavily on Sri Lankan social media platforms and the song was Delvin's second #1 single on Sri Lanka's biggest home music station.His latest single "Play Pretend" sees him collaborating with one of Sri Lanka's most influential producers Hibshi and is already the talk among local English music listeners.