Tobtok x farfetch'd - I Like When You

‘I Like When You’ is the first single taken from the new EP from Swedish producers and long-time friends, Tobtok and farfetch’d. What started out as a drum and bass record and ended up packing in disco, stutter and piano-rave house, ‘I Like When You’ is a journey of a track to say the least. Remove all preconceptions of what these artists have done prior, forget platinum records, streaming counts and radio plays, ‘I Like When You’ is refreshingly experimental and the result of simply producing for the bloody fun of it. It’s arguably their most accomplished work to date.

Over six tracks, the forthcoming ‘My Friends’ EP – due for release on London-based indie Perfect Havoc in September - is a diverse and exciting body of work that spans drum and bass, filter house, stutter house, disco and French house.  Heavily inspired by the new era of glitch house, Tobtok and farfetch’d go all out with technique, playing around with sampling, micro sampling live sounds, and manipulating and pitching vocals.