LAWZ - Forget You

Perfect Havoc welcomes UK newcomer LAWZ to the label with his track ‘Forget You’. The first of two tracks coming on the label, ‘Forget  You’ is a bouncy and moody piano house tune with a mystery vocal singing about trying to forget a loved one that will not show love in return.

Brought up in a household that had 70’s, 80’s and 90’s music playing all day, it’s no wonder that LAWZ keeps an open mind to diversity. At the age of 14, it were the likes of Deadmau5 and Skrillex though, and the incredible energy, intense depth and many layers of their music, that struck him. At that point, he knew this was the way to go, as he dedicated himself to learning the ropes of music production and DJ’ing. Liam chose to study music in college, took a deep dive into YouTube tutorials and set out to explore all things DAW –playing about until he mastered his flow. Two years into it, he found his home in Massive, and was finally able to define his own sound and create tracks and remixes of his own. A LAWZ original will be a clean sounding track with dirty bass-lines, hard-hitting melodies and percussion – always making sure there’s many layers to explore. A balancing act of oldskool house, today’s bass house and even a bit of techno, it’ll whet the appetite of purists and freethinkers alike.