Mike Mago x Dog Collective - Always On My Mind

As dance music keeps evolving, Mike Mago is perhaps the best example of how diverseits artists can be. His feet tucked in both underground house music as well asmainstream sounds, he's endlessly expanding his musical path, making sure things just keep on getting more interesting for this Dutch DJ/producer/label boss.

For the main audience, the first introduction to Mike Mago comes in 2014, when he releasesthe Dragonette collab 'Outlines'. The track is a destined hit and takes him to the stars as itgains worldwide DJand radio support, turns gold in three countries, double platinum inHolland, while the video has garnered over 12M YouTube views, and the track counts over25M Spotify plays.Following this major hit success, Mago delivers a series of remixes for Ellie Goulding, Avicii(twice), Clean Bandit, Years & Years and Bastille a.o. After Outlines the Dutchman continueshis winning streak with 'Deeper Love' (10M Spotify), together with 2016's hit single 'Secret Stash' (a renewed collab with Dragonette also at 10M on Spotify) and 2017 releases like Feels So Good (6M) and One In A Trillian (4M) and Remedy growing as his biggest to date reaching 20M and still growing, making Mike Mago one of the go-toproducer of this day.It's apparent in his touring schedule, playing more gigs on key festivals (includingTomorrowland and TomorrowWorld), the Ibiza isle and clubs all over the world. Indeed, he's turned into an omnipresent artist, able to work an underground dancefloor as well as rock a mainstage. "I've always loved the blend of multiple genres", Mago explains. "On the one side I'm into really strong melodies, while I also appreciate the more groovy stuff. In short, it's the combination of hooks, rhythms and touching vocals that get my motor running."As said, dance music is moving in a similar direction, incorporating more and more tastesand styles to its palette. Which explains the success of Mike Mago these last years, who'sdisplayed a choice of elegant dance records and positive, uplifting vibes, raising expectations for what he's about to do next. Well, with a couple of promising tracks on the new Crossing Borgers pt 2 EP aswell as singer-songwriter collabs in the works for late 2018, and Mike Mago perfecting his mainstage performances, it looks like he's about to take things next level... again.