- Postcards From The Moon

The name Moonboy Inc. masks the project of the berlin-based artist and producer Christoph Rymon. With foundations of piano based dance music, the tracks hold their roots in the decade of icons like Snap and Dr. Alban combining inspiration from Stardust, The Talking Heads and Daft Punk.Rymon is not quite interested in melancholic sounds, and instead directs the Moonboy Inc manner towards sunny hemispheres of joy and carefree intensity.The multi-instrumentalist spends every second in his studio to get his sound to the next level. One of the reasons why his soundscape has an unmistakable style, is the story of a piano sample which comes from a 120 year old piano passed down from his grandfather. The lyrics are straightforward and sparkle through their simplicity. Further the words that make clear “less is more” when you want to say: “I love you so”.“Postcards from the Moon” originated from an abstract idea: A world where an artist is in isolation with nothing apart from his laptop and his piano. What place is better to suit this dream than the moon? However, in this situation it may be a bit tricky to connect with the one you love. Therefore, the mission is clear: send postcards from the moon and “Hope you doing well and that I’ll see you soon.”