Perfect Havoc Hour Mix 020: Andy Galea

1 The Deepshakerz – My Way (Themba s Herd Extended Remix) Saved Records

2 Monolink – Return to Oz (Artbat_Remix)

3 Ascended Masters – Flamentech (Original Mix) (AMPM)

4 La Fuente & Boris Smith Cada Vez’ ft. Mavis Acquah (Extended Mix)_[Perfect Havoc]

5 Andrew Meller – Godfather s Dance Original Mix (Saved Records)

6 Tall Paul – Rock Da House 2019 W/L

7 Raumakustik Good Times EP Original Mix (Sola Records)

8 George Smeddles Start The Party ( Resonance Records)

9 Andy Galea – GEEZER (Rekkd Records)

10 Andy Galea I give you Jammin W/L (Rekkd Promo’s)

11 Tobtok, AKA George & Oliver Nelson ‘Something ‘Bout The Music’ (Tom Hall Remix) [Perfect Havoc]

12 Fisher You Little Beauty Extended ( Catch & Release )

13 Keith Mac Personal Jesus W/L

14 Mat. Joe Ya Know (Bristol)