[Release] Wildkin - High By Your Side

Perfect Havoc is proud to present a debut duo to the label, all the way from Portugal by the name of Wildkin.Wildkin is a conceptual Pop/Electronic songwriter/producer duo composed of Tornada and Kindian, originally from Lisbon, Portugal. In the past, the pair have been tackling many corners and styles of songwriting, from folk to rock to electro, first started hitting the stages with indie rock acts, and psychedelic folk side-projects whilst finally moving to electronic production and DJing, focusing mainly on the Electro scene. The duo split and took a long break, traveling and living through South America and Asia, an experience that ended up being the gathering of inspiration to later form what became Wildkin.“We wanted to do a song that counteracted the way marijuana is usually portrayed in the music industry, with the usual criminal/swaggy aesthetic (often cheesy) clichés. We think that misrepresents, discredits and harms the community. "High By Your Side" focuses on the more humane side, on the good and positive things and on the bonds that can be made and amplified between people, hopefully shortening the distance the general public may yet feel towards the community” – Wildkin Listen and follow in our Perfect Havoc Spotify Label playlist.

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