[Statement] Arthur Younger Passes Away

We are deeply saddened by the news of our friend and talented DJ / Producer Michael Nash aka Arthur Younger who passed away Friday 29th January at the tender age of 28 years old.Nash was diagnosed with bone marrow failure and a blood disorder where his body did not produce enough blood because his bone marrow wasn't able to, but the blood in his body that was able to be made, was also missing protein coatings. The blood disorder is called Paroxysmal Nocturnal Haemaglaboinuria, it is extremely rare and complicated illness.Despite all of this since his early teens, Nash always had a positive outlook on life, he never let his illness get the better of him and this respect he was considered an inspiration to many! He used music production and DJing as his passion to move forward and forget about his troubles.2015 saw the rise of his new alias name 'Arthur Younger' under collaboration with Perfect Havoc. His remixes included the likes of : Oliver Nelson, We Are Legends, Cherry V & 2Darc, Televisor and more and racked up over 500,000 plays on Soundcloud.Nash had been working hard on many remixes and originals to come in 2016, we hope that with the blessing of his family we can share his recent projects with you in the near future and at the right time and for a good cause and not let this talented producers work be lost and let his music be heard and live strong !

We wish the family our condolences and all our love !RIP buddy you will never be forgotten !Check out some of Arthur's / Nash's work below: