The Dot And The Line - Hiding The Truth [MODES Remix]

The Dot And The Line is an English musical duo formed in 2017 in LA, consisting of keyboardist, guitarist and programmer Ned Douglas and songwriter, vocalist Hetty Clark. Born from of a shared love of downtempo electronica (Portishead, The XX, Haelos), the pair started writing together to carve out their sound and produce their debut EP. Analog synths, programmed beats and Hetty’s hushed vocals combine to create an evocative blend, both melancholic and cinematic. A soundtrack to your rainy days.Ned Douglas has worked as programmer and engineer for some of the world’s best artists including Katy Perry, Stevie Nicks, Ringo Star, Mick Jagger and Ke$ha. His songwriting and production work has also been featured in many movies and TV shows.Hetty Clark's lyrics are about finding beauty in emotionally charged situations. She is interested in expressing the ebb and flow of human intimacy, a natural rhythm that shapes relationships over time. Her songs are signed with 5 Alarm Music.Hiding the truth is a feel good track that explores the blurry lines of seduction. It's a song that tries to capture the decadent mood of a new relationship, the mood of effervescence and light but its also about how euphoria can be quickly consumed by the fiery sensation of not really knowing what’s going on.The original song is minimal sounding so we wanted to see how the song might sound as a dance remix. The collaboration with DJ Modes has worked well because he has effectively reinvented the track beyond adding beats and instrumentation. Modes's interpretation of our track enhances the upbeat, feel good factor of the track, which we love and it reminds us of the fantastic work of remixer RAC ( Remix Artist Collective) and his remix, 'We belong,’ (feat Katie Herzig) – The Dot and The Line