Tobtok x farfetch'd - So Good

‘So Good’ is the next single to see release from the forthcoming ‘My Friends’ EP by Swedish producers and long-time friends, Tobtok and farfetch’d. Following in the vein of its experimental predecessor ‘I Like When You’, which received loving feedback from tastemakers ranging from Auntie Flo to Sam Divine, ‘So Good’ is an alarmingly refreshing release. Into a high-energy stutter house track it packs in a styled-up drill beat with an uplifting choir vocal, to show yet again that these producers are on the most accomplished streak of their careers so far.

Over six tracks, the forthcoming ‘My Friends’ EP – due for release on London-based indie Perfect Havoc in September - is a diverse and exciting body of work that spans disco, breakbeat, drum and bass and house in the flavours of stutter, French and filter. 

With a catalogue of work that precedes them, it’s important to remove all preconceptions of what Tobtok and farfetch’d have done before. Forget their platinum-selling records, streaming numbers and chart positions, just listen to the result of when they start producing for the pure fun of it.